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Fincasys App

Fincasys User App

Fincasys - Manage Community Smartly !

  • Value Addition propelling your Brand
  • Transparency in Operations
  • Stay Connected & Build Bonds
  • Easy Maintenance Collections
  • Extremely helpful in Emergency Situations
  • Child Security

Easier management of society / Community through the Best Mobile App (platform). Fincasys platform serves society/community and its members to accomplish phenomenal work to help & manage the society /community in many ways to have a delightful life.

Fincasys Gatekeeper

  • Entering details of New Visitors/Delivery/Cab in the application and Managing their Entry & Exit process
  • Managing entry process for Expected Visitor (with help of Pass Scanner) or Parcels with specified instructions
  • Managing entry process of Regular/Daily visitors


Mobile App
Fincasys App

Fincasys Admin App

  • Initiate, Approve or Reject Member’s Registration requests
  • Adding & Managing Society Members entry in the application
  • Add & Manage Events, Perform Offline bookings
  • Adding Society Facilities and manage the bookings
  • Adding & Managing Vendors

If you are a member of the Management Committee of any Society/Community then it is a must have app for you.

This app is used for Management Committee of any Society (Building). Using this app you can now manage your apartment from anywhere you are. Receive notifications on New Users Join Request to your Society, meetings, complaint and any important events booking, which would keep you updated on everything regarding your society (Building).

In this app there are no Registration process only login which credential provider from admin panel.

Service Provider Fincasys

Service Provider Fincasys is to be used by the register service provider of Fincasys.

Service Provider Application is ingenious digital platform useful for various different types of companies those involved in offering several services or products those are needed and is useful to registered members of residential & commercial complexes.

Service Provider Application comprises of various feature those include timeline posting of their respective services in registered complexes, complaint resolutions if any from any members, service messages to members of any registered complexes, harboring of call back requests raised and propagation of seasonal greetings to registered members of complexes etc.

Mobile App